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zoure owyn mysdemynge may werke zow wo And cause zow sonere to deth be brought (25.65-68).
Engin who has worked in the industry for many years said ZOW ystanbul is taking place in Turkey for the fifth time and participants from around 30 countries have come to the exhibition, which began on Jan 17.
Right reuerent and wurchipphull maisteres, I recomaunde me vn-to youre god maistereschipp, bescheching zow to be myn good maisteres to remembre and to thynk vp-on me, youre pore presoner queche is lyeng in grevous jeryns [heavy irons], queche jernys ...
October 15-18, 2008: ZOW Italy Woodworking Show; Pordenone, Italy
Nadal ratcheted up his performance in the second set, however, breaking Djokovic in the first game as the winners started to Zow.
(3) The relative importance of both growth and inequality for poverty is well documented (Datt and Ravallion 1992, Li, Squire and Zow 1998, Ravallion 2001).
I xal zow comforte and helpe ryght wele As other women yf ze haue pyn.
The second person pronoun paradigm in Middle English ME singular plural nominative THOU (1) YE [thorn]u, thou, tou ze(e), ye oblique THE YOU [thorn]e, thee, to eu, ou, zow, zou, you Table 2.
Or a carved Ting on a plinth from the Outer Regions of Zow?
Beware, serys, I zow pray, Fore I made [thorn]is with good entente, Fore hit is Christes comaundement; Prays fore me [thorn]at be[thorn] present, My name hit is [thorn]e blynd Awdlay.
Coyssyn, I pray zow sende me worde of zour welfare and comande me To my fader and zours, and zour moder, and Jhesus keppe zow.
For example, in 43 ('Quho thinkis that he hes sufficence') where Maitland (her base text reads) 'Thairfoir I pray zow bredir deir / Not to delyt in daynteis self' (11-12) she prefers Reidpeth: 'Quohairfoir, thocht thow, my brother deir, / Not servit be with daynteis sir'.