ZP4Russia Zone 3 (GMT +4:00)
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Study on the zona pellucida 4 (ZP4) gene sequence and its expression in the ovaries of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.
To standardize the number of microstructures for sample ZP4, from where only one thin section is available, the total number of the microstructures was multiplied by three.
Maternal address data were taken from birth records and processed with the Zp4 address locator program (Semaphore Corporation, Monterey, CA) to assign latitude and longitude values (n = 2,042,425).
We first cleaned and standardized addresses using ZP4 address correction software with the LACS (Locatable Address Conversion System) database (version expiring 1 April 2011; Semaphore Corporation, Monterey, CA, USA) and then converted additional rural route boxes to street addresses using Enhanced 911 address conversion tables (Vieira et al.
Residence addresses at time of birth were standardized and verified using ZP4 (Semaphore Corporation, Pismo Beach, CA) and subsequently geocoded using ArcGIS version 9.0 (ESRI, Redlands, CA).
After correcting addresses that could not be geocoded during the first round of automated processing in ArcView (n = 87,647) with ZP4 software (August 2002 data release; Semaphore Corporation, Aptos, CA), we were able to map 47,583 additional subjects based on corrected addresses.