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ZPCZionist Power Configuration (group influencing Middle East policy)
ZPCZero-Point (Energy) Corrections
ZPCZero Population Count (video game)
ZPCZionsville Presbyterian Church (Indianapolis, Indiana)
ZPCZero Point of Charge
ZPCZen Peacemaker Circle (various locations)
ZPCZemike Phase Contrast
ZPCZoning and Planning Committee (Minneapolis; MN)
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Formally, the ZPCs for Home- and Foreign-owned firms operating in the Home country are given by
Since in all soils under study, the natural pH is more than ZPC, the sesquioxides would bear negative charge, which contributes to CEC; hence a significantly positive correlation was obtained.
The idea is to insert genes for the mouse ZPC (from eggs) into the DNA of the virus, then let the virus do the work (see diagram).
Meanwhile, he continues to lecture nationally and internationally, telling us what a marvellous laboratory he has (but still with urgent need for the latest ZPC machine or whatever), and frantically persuading industrialists to entrust their problems to him and his merry men.
From the very beginning of the Egyptian pro-democracy movement, the ZPC, called into question the legitimacy of the anti-dictatorial demands by focusing on the "Islamic threat".
Tambien contemplaba usar esta ZPC como posible area deportiva (13).
It's not just a matter of US Zionist support for Netanyahu's sabotage of a US peace initiative; nor is it about the unconditional ZPC support for Israeli crimes as they were being denounced by the United Nations and the peoples of the world.
Desiree es el producto de seleccion a partir del cruce Urgenta x Depesche, realizado por la compania ZPC de Leeuwarden, Holanda, y fue liberada para su produccion comercial desde 1962.