ZRLZurich Research Laboratory
ZRLZero Risk Level
ZRLZweckverband Schienenpersonennahverkehr Ruhr-Lippe (German transportation system)
ZRLZambezi Resources, Ltd. (Zambia)
ZRLZambia Railways Ltd. (Kabwe, Zambia)
ZRLZero Reference Level (cardiography)
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The text variants (BM 91776, ZRL 48) use the root [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Following the termination of discussions between ZRL management and Zurich Financial Services Group over a potential management buyout, the company will be restructured extensively and renamed Zurich Specialties (London) Ltd.
wnyhbn: This verb seems to have a parallel in the magic bowl ZRL 48: 10 (Gordon 1978, 233) which has {[wyk.
ZRL CEO, Muyenga Atanga said that there is need for financial investment in ZRL to improve operations and operate at full capacity.
ZRL, the national railway of Zambia, is among the two main railroad organizations in the southern African nation, which is also known as Railway Systems of Zambia (RSZ).
Renovated at the ZRL main workshop in Kabwe, the train, will complement the train services TAZARA is offering on the route and this will raise the number of people being carried.
According to him, it would make more business sense for the mines to get back to railway systems as it would also generate a win-win situation for those who invest in the mines, ZRL and the administration in terms of maintenance of roads.
ZRL chief executive officer Muyenga Atanga said that the agreement was among several others expected to be rolled out this year.
ZRL Chief Executive Officer Professor Muyenga Atanga said that the K286 million was specifically used on procurement of the required equipment and materials.
US$32 million is granted by Government to ZRL to revamp the railway system and has so far released US$12 million and ZRL chief executive officer Clive Chirwa said it has taken about 15 years now since inter-mine routes became ineffective.
TAZARA acting managing director Damas Ndumbaro, ZRL chief executive officer Clive Chirwa and SNCC acting director general Vincent Tshiongo Ngalula met to ink a contract.
The ZRL MD, said : 'Everything has been designed and I am a person who is against the unnecessary time-wasting on feasibility studies.