ZUPZone à Urbaniser en Priorité (French: Urban Development Zone)
ZUPZone d'Urbanisation Prioritaire
ZUPZoom Under Picture (camera feature; CoVi Technologies, Inc.)
ZUPZero Up Programmable (power supplies)
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'These combined capabilities help companies, like ZUP, remove the guesswork from choosing the best combination of cost and service for their shipments.'
Abbreviatons like "what's up?" become "wazup?" or "zup?".
And then later came the foreign players like Al Fresco, Kurt Reply and Hanz Zup.
They're joined by 2 ZUP, who offer a concoction of cover versions from Cock Sparrer to Blink 182 (pounds 4/pounds 3).
Many cites, or ZUP (Zone a Urbaniser en Priorite) remain, with all the challenges they present for both residents and law enforcement officers.
Les franges de l'agglomeration s'etalent, les habitats collectifs des Zones a Urbaniser en Priorite (ZUP) se multiplient, les villes nouvelles grossissent et des lotissements pavillonnaires ceinturent les vieux villages jusqu'aux frontieres de la region si bien que la population des communes rurales s'est accrue de 85% entre 1962 et l'an 2000.
This tome is worth more than 8000 terms (from "a fortiori" to "zoning variance") and some 350 acronyms (from "AAA rating", one rating deserved by this publication and which needs no explanation, to "ZUP", or "zone a urbaniser par priorite").
This was the birth of the ZUP, Zones a urbaniser en priorite, areas born to a sense of urgency.
DRESS YOU ZUP Singer gets ready for the red carpet Met party
SUNNY 3OUTLOOK Lexi shows off her summer clothes WRAPPED ZUP Lexi yesterday
DRESSING ZDOWN Julia Orayen at the Mexican debate OPENED ZUP Model expressed remorse
ON THE WAY ZUP Boss Stuart McCall points the way forward for Motherwell