ZZRZigzag Riveting (AECMA)
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Enter the ZX-12R, which bears no resemblance to the ZZR being closely related to the ZX-9 and is up there with the best of the super powerful litre plus sportsbikes.
The life underwriting result is under pressure from costs of regulatory additional reserving requirements (ZZR), which totalled EUR346 million in 2017, up from EUR328 million in 2016.
With apologies to the ZZR, I think I have discovered a new favourite sports-tourer.
In addition, buyers will be offered a sports car version with motors from Yamaha R1 and Kawasaki ZZR. Details transmission for cars will also borrow from Ford, rear differential - from BMW.
Vincent Burton, aged 17, of Newton Close, Redditch, was left critically ill when he was flung from his "pride and joy" Kawasaki ZZR 250 when it crashed with a car in the town's Woodrow Drive.
Suzuki followed suit with the Hyabusa and the ZZR was relegated to an also-ran.
John explains: "The ZZR is a scary beast but, even at my age, you can't resist a wee tweak on it."
Some may need to meet stringent UL standards or ZZR specifications for military applications.
The additional reserving requirement companies are required to build up, the ZZR, reduces the effective average policy holder guarantee to 2.1 from 2.9%, at end-2017.
The total evaluation for 100% of Generali Leben is up to 1 billion, including 125 million as earn-out in case of changes in the rules regulating the allocation to ZZR reserves.Viridium will also reimburse 882 million of hybrid loans to Generali Group.
Power is supplied by a derivative of the tried and tested ZZR 1100 engine with low and mid-range torque being the main design brief, and very nice it is too.
Months before, he had bought a Kawasaki ZZR 1100cc bike.