ZZSAlliance of the Greens and Farmers Union (Latvia)
ZZSZdravniska Zbornica Slovenije (Slovenian: Medical Chamber of Slovenia)
ZZSZwolle-Zuid Schaakt (Dutch: Zwolle-Zuid Chess; chess club; Netherlands)
ZZSZadružna Zveza Slovenije (Cooperative Union of Slovenia)
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We can expect nothing new from Harmony, the ZZS or the NA, all of which are firmly set in their ways (problematic ways in all three cases).
ZZS may have other reasons to want the justice minister's post, which are most probably in Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs' interest, reported the daily Diena on April 21.
Several sources told the newspaper that Lembergs would like the justice minister's portfolio to go to the ZZS or a candidate loyal to Lembergs because the Justice Ministry supervises the Register of Enterprises.
Pro zajiten veker cinnosti bude vozidlo vybaveno sledovac a komunikacn technikou pro spojen s ostatnmi vozidly ZZS LK.
Implementation of complex post-warranty service, maintenance and post-warranty repairs and repairs after traffic accidents of ambulances and other vehicles of the ZZS HMP, including special medical superstructure and installation on these vehicles.
Tlakov lahve mus splnovat takov parametry, aby byly kompatibiln se soucasnm stavem, mstem uloen a nainstalovanm uchycenm ve vozidlech ZZS SCK, p.
Implementation of a comprehensive customer service, maintenance and warranty repairs and repairs after traffic accidents ambulances and other vehicles ZZS HMP, including special medical bodies and buildings on these vehicles.
1 ZZS HMP service vehicles - ambulances 19,000,000 CZK without VAT.
2 Vehicle Service ZZS HMP - other vehicles 1,000,000 CZK without VAT.
Complex delivery and implementation of technology and software solutions to communication and surveillance system for monitoring vehicles ZZS HMP (car PCs), connection to services operating software for medical care, supply of hardware and related mobile technologist.
Contact point: ZZS Bratislava, Antolsk 11, 850 07 Bratislava
Contact point(s): ZZS Bratislava, AntolskEi 11, 850 07 Bratislava