ZZUZhengzhou University (China)
ZZUMzuzu, Malawi (airport code)
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The 16S rDNA sequences of ZZU strains were compared with sequences from type LAB strains held in the DDBJ.
AB30322, AB30323, AB30324, AB30325, AB30326, AB30327 and AB30328 for the strains ZZU 16, ZZU 20, ZZU 23, ZZU 3, ZZU 8, ZZU 12, and ZZU 21, respectively.
Most of the strains could grow in 3.0% (w/v) NaCl, except for ZZU 223.
The strain ZZU 50 in group A was placed in the Weissella cluster, with the species Weissella cibaria IMAU [10288.sup.T] being the most closely related species, which was also supported by 99.7% sequence similarity.