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ZZZZealous Zany Zombies (gaming clan)
ZZZSleeping, Bored, Tired
ZZZZavod za Zdravstvena (Slovenian: Institute for Health)
ZZZIncreasing Degrees of Contraction
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While the March 31 holiday might be little more than an opportunity to catch up on some zzz's on other campuses, losing the chance to honor the Latino civil rights activist on his birthday is more of a slap in the face to UTEP's students, more than 70 percent of whom are Hispanic.
But that doesn't mean you need drugs to get your zzz's.
In a competitive marketplace, rival Travelodge recently launched its own ad campaign featuring soft toys Mr Sleep and the Zzz Squad.
Zzz Over the weekend you may have to make a very swift decision one that will have long-reaching implications but don't worry you can't get it wrong.
While you're getting your Zzz's, your brain stays active to direct the activities that occur during each stage.
I hope parents can be a little responsible and let us get some zzz.
Perhaps the seed-eaters were creeping into homes looking for a warm place to catch some zzz's.
Wurmer (worms, G.) was the only word &more than four letters except for the trick of counting long strings of z's as equivalent to zzz. Dubious coinages of five--seven letters occurred: POETY--like a poet, ZEEJOY and SEXCADE--a cavalcade of sex (a Mardi Gras parade?).
Berenson compiles a timeline of milestones in election-related information in some 200 entries from "absentee voting" to "ZZZ" (referring to how boring many citizens find contemporary politics).
In the futon category, Arason Enterprises is coming to High Point with a test of a mattress upgrade for its ZzZ Chest.
Mulchin refused to sign it, claiming that the oral agreement was based on each owning equal stock in the new corporation, ZZZ Anesthesiology, Inc.