ZZZZSZavod Za Zdravstveno Zavarovane Slovenije (Slovenian Council for Health Insurance)
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pages of Enjoying plentiful zzzzs is all well and good, but if you cannot stand the sight of your bedroom during daylight hours, the bed of dreams can become something of an interiors nightmare.
Waking up close to your  normal time is best on weekends, and if you really need some light Zzzzs, a 20-minute nap won't keep you from sleeping at night.
Thank goodness for the weekends, when we can snatch a couple more hours of shut-eye and make up for those missed Zzzzs during the week.
Not enough zzzzs also make men and women tired and grumpy - not an aphrodisiac.
Luxury made-in-Devon mattresses make it easy to get some Zzzzs at the Z.
Anyone other than Martin Luther King just can't seem to carry off talking about their dreams without those who are listening not wanting to catch a few zzzzs themselves, so I apologise in advance.
"In 2007 there were three million sleepwalkers in the uK but now this has risen to over 11 million." it's not all doom and gloom for the 11 million Britons who need nothing more than some zzzzs. travelodge employees across the nation are now on refresher courses to help handle sleepwalking incidents as best they can.
New Year's Eve 2005 and I was blowing out the zzzzs by 10pm after a hot chocolate.
Catching some Zzzzs. Whatever you call it, sleep is just not as deep, long, or recuperative as many us would like.
Get your ZZZZs When you're tired, cravings to smoke will seem stronger and you'll have less energy to deal with them.
Not enough zzzzs also makes men and women grumpy - not an aphrodisiac!