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ZAARZ Axis Alignment Ruling
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Moreover, we encourage the public to help fund this fantastic initiative by backing the project on ZAAR.
The term 'Sayawa' is a nickname given to the Zaar by the Hausa (Caron 2005); their self-ascribed ethnonym is Zaar.
Zaar, Miriam (2001), "A migrajao rural no oeste paranaense/Brasil: a trajetoria dos 'brasiguaios'", Revista Electronica de Geografia y Ciencias Sociales, num.
Elementos de Economia Regional, Rio de Janeiro, Zaar Edits.
Speakers will include: Rafael Bonnelly, head of content, Terra Networks; John Cough, director of new media and converged formats, Distraction Formats; John Raczka, senior VP of content, BT Openworld; the William Morris Agency's Hans Schiff; and Magnus Zaar, senior director of content, Kamera Interactive.
Mirvis DM, Chang CF, Hall CJ, Zaar GT, Applegate WB.
TennCare, one of the first statewide experiments with a Medicaid managed care system, was created and implemented to head off a financial crisis in Tennessee (Mirvis, Chang, Hall, Zaar, & Applegate, 1995).
Zaar (1979) suggests that peroxidase may protect the root hairs against soil pathogens.
Leann Zaar, owner and innkeeper of Tranquility Inn Bed and Breakfast, has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for her entrepreneurial skills and contributions to Wilmington's tourism and hospitality industries.
Mr Qureshi said this year, varieties like IUB 2013, FH 142, FH Lala Zaar, and MNH 886 were being introduced.
In Chaklala Cantt locality, two primary schools, Tulsa road and Sabza Zaar will be upgraded to high school status.
84 kilometre long event which is open for all age group participants, said Mohammad Zaar, Secretary AFP here on Tuesday.