ZABAZagrebaèka Banka (City of Zagreb Bank)
ZABAZimbabwe Amateur Boxing Association
ZABAZine El Abidine Ben Ali (president of Tunisia)
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Rodriguez-Zaba, co-founder and CEO of ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba is committed to providing excellence to each and every customer.
Meanwhile, Zaba is undoubtedly set to become one of this year's most striking debuts and was created in Paul Epworth's own studio.
Saba Symba jamnia Zaba, from Ptolemy which he placed on the Malay Peninsula (43).
Ururimi rw'igihugu rukwiye kwinjizwa rukanakoreshwa neza mu nzego zose z'ingenzi mu buzima bw'abaturage, kabone n'iyo zaba ari izirebana n'ibigezweho muri iki gihe;
Some of the remains of that kingdom such as Zaba Palace are still in Ras Al Khaimah," the Ruler of Sharjah said.
Silny W, Marciniak A, Czarnecka-Operacz M, Zaba R, Schwartz RA.
Furthermore, concerning the gender differences, Zaba and Davies (1980) found that during the spawning period, mantle tissue slices from female mussels metabolized glucose twice as rapidly as those from males per unit tissue weight.
The Sharks used to have trouble with another "Z" goalie, Matt Zaba of Hartford, until they started running him over.
ZABA posted the highest net profit among the SEE TOP 100 Banks of 173.
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band released their first album, Safe as Milk, in 1967, featuring songs with titles like Zig Zag Wanderer and Abba Zaba.
Shaun (Wright-Phillips) and Zaba (Pablo Zabaleta) were not even in yesterday's squad, and I was thinking what a ridiculous squad we have got at our disposal," Hart said.