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ZACZacatecas (Estado de México)
ZACZacapa (Guatemala, territorial division)
ZACZone d'Aménagement Concerté (French: Integrated Development Zone)
ZACZero Administration Client
ZACZion Adventure Company (Utah)
ZACZamil Air Conditioners (Saudi Arabia)
ZACZone for Autistic Children
ZACZojirushi America Corporation
ZACZwolsche Athletische Club (soccer team, Holland)
ZACZero Administration Client (Network Associates)
ZACZero Accident Culture (workplace safety program)
ZACZone Advisory Committee (various locations)
ZACZone d'Activité Commerciale
ZACZero Auto-Correlation
ZACZoar Activity Center
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Authorities will send more military and police personnel to Alta Verapaz, El Progreso, Izabal, Peten and Zacapa provinces, a drug-trafficking corridor that runs from the Honduran to Mexican borders.
But the video he submitted to the contest focused on his efforts to promote youth soccer in Zacapa, Guatemala, "to keep kids distant from criminal activity and to empower communities and give the kids living there a sense of belonging."
Staff conducted all focus groups and interviews in Spanish in 2 departments (Zacapa and Suchitepequez) (7); focus groups took place in central locations (e.g., restaurants) and individual interviews occured in participants' homes.
JH: A Rum Old Fashioned with Ron Zacapa specifically.
Adicionalmente, registramos algunos ejemplares encontrados muertos en las RNP estudiadas tales como Didelphis virginiana (2015 en El Chali, Panajachel, Solola), Puma concolor (2010 en San Jeronimo Miramar-Quixaya, Patulul, Suchitepequez), Canis latrans (2016 en Reserva Heloderma, Cabanas, Zacapa) y Mustela frenata (2016 en Reserva Heloderma, Cabanas, Zacapa).
The Blackened mixes Ron Zacapa 23 with sugar, angostura bitters and a special secret ingredient to create an inky black, smoking drink that is sure to send shivers down your spine.
Rum brand Ron Zacapa and Zuma restaurants have entered an exclusive partnership to create an evolving cocktail system, which has now been installed across nine Zuma restaurants worldwide - including in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
During his April 10 meeting in Guatemala City, Edgar also met with Catholic Bishop Rodolfo Quezada Toruno of Zacapa.
$52,975 is needed to support 1,520 Plan International families in Zacapa, Guatemala, in a soil conservation program.