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ZDLRZach de la Rocha (rapper)
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The boycott grew from what was initially an alliance of bands and musicians (spearheaded by Rage Against the Machine's Zach de la Rocha) into a national alliance of writers, artists and musicians opposed to State Bill 1070.
To quote Zach De La Rocha of the band Rage Against the Machine: `It has to start somewhere.
Only in Hollywood could noteworthy beings such as Cameron Diaz, Tony Alva, Juliette Lewis, Steve Berra, Rose Tarlow, Anthony Kiedis, Henry Rollins, The escalantes, Jeff Ho, Jay Wilson, Allen Sarlo, James Muir, Ian MacKaye, Jeff Ament, Scott Oster, Tom Hayden, Barbara Williams, David Spade, Kent Sherwood, Jennifer Valentine, Paul Crowder, Agi Orsi, Chuck Dukowski, Jonathon Paskowitz, Stephen Nemeth, Melanie Berry, Zach De la Rocha, Bruce Gilbert , Takuji Masuda, Steve Van Doren, Gary Schoenberg, Skip Engblom, Teresa Craft, Sean Penn, Block, Ray Flores, Cris Dawson, Shogo Kubo, Paul Constantineau and Chris Cahill etc.
And they show a spirit and savvy that reaches all the way back to blessed Woody Guthrie, the guy who "never saw an outlaw drive a family from its home." Here's singer Zach de la Rocha on the subject of Rage vs.
An illuminating sidelight to Gonz' show--not to mention the American Dream--occurred when ex-Rage writer Zach De la Rocha was singled out close to the opening by some gym rats and asked if ho were "an Arab Muslim."