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This was on top of existing pain Mr Zachary said he was experiencing from a broken ankle.
As a reporter interested in computers, Zachary is eager to embrace Bush as one of the founding fathers of American computers, but he recognizes that Bush's analog machines, like the famous differential analyzer of the thirties, belong to a different time and place.
Zachary disclosed relationships with multiple companies, including Solta, Zeltiq, Scion, Amway, and Candela.
Zachary Paul and company plan to have Museum of Horror ready for Halloween screenings in October, with the launch of the DVD series shortly thereafter.
Neighbours in Purley, where Oettinger lived with Zachary, spoke of their shock at their deaths.
Zachary Quinto signs autographs for fan as he arrives for the UK Film premiere of Star Trek at the Empire Leicester Square, London.
If Zachary, who is currently on our screens playing serial killer Sylar in Heroes, was hoping to get some words of wisdom from the older actor, he would be disappointed.
Coroner Philip Walters said Zachary had drunk so much alcohol he could not record a simple suicide verdict.
With: David Bagby, Kathleen Bagby, Andrew Bagby, Zachary Andrew, Heather Arnold, Shirley Turner, Kurt Kuenne.
Zachary Wendland and Kris Taft Miller, illustrators
I think it's interesting that such a small crew could get something like that up into space so quickly,'' Zachary said, his head tilted up toward the rafters where the craft resides.
The proud parents carry little Zachary to their place beside the minister.