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ZFTBZagros Fold-Thrust Belt (geology)
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Some of the previously formed folds deformed by the Sarvestan fault (~78 km length) with dominant strike-slip movements, which is cutting across the Zagros fold-thrust belt (Berberian, 1995).
The river is located in the Zagros fold-thrust belt and Karkheh basin is divided to 35 sub- basin(Figure 2).
The Zagros fold-thrust belt covers most of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region; it contains fold structures with Cretaceous limestone outcropping in the anticlinal cores and Tertiary limestones and clastics on its flanks (Jassim and Buday, 2006) (Figure 3).
The Zagros fold-thrust belt involve gigantic anticlinal traps, with fracturing producing well connected hydrocarbon reservoirs and groundwater aquifers (Beydoun et al., 1992).
The tectonic significance of the Kazerun Fault Zone, Zagros fold-thrust belt, Iran.
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On the basis of lateral facies variations, the Iranian Zagros fold-thrust belt is divided into different tectonostratigraphic domains that are from SE to NW: the Fars Province or eastern Zagros, the Khuzestan province or Central Zagros and finally the Lurestan Province or Western Zagros [44.45] (Fig.
This formation was deposited in proforland basin in Zagros fold-thrust belt [9].