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ZAZZucker-Abrahams-Zucker (movie producers)
ZAZZaporozhsky Avtomobilny Zavod (Ukrainian car manufacturer)
ZAZZaragoza, Spain - Zaragoza (Airport Code)
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On rappelle que ZAZ est uneentrepriseukrainiennedeconstruction automobile fondee en1956dans la ville deZaporijia(ukrainien) ouZaporojie(russe), enUkraine.
ISIS has withdrawn from zaz, its most important bastion in Aleppo province, as well as the Minnigh military airport, the Mayer region and the villages of Deir Jamal and Kafin," said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Yet it has appeared in the end that such a link alone was what drove this regime (which does not hesitate to describe itself as non-sectarian and secular) to end the ordeal of the Lebanese abductees in the town of zaz and agree to exchange them for female detainees from the people of its own country, those kept in its prison on unclear charges, save for the famous charge of "weakening patriotic feelings" by demanding political reform.
L'evenement a aussi connu la participation des groupes Nass El Guiwane, Lamchaheb, Hamid El Kasri (gnaoua), les freres Sefiani, le groupe Boualam Senhaji et encore Chama Zaz, figure de l'art de l'Aita Jeblia.
TAPED: Dewsbury MP Simon Reevell (left) with (from left) Sue Ryder shop manager Zaz Stephenson, area retail manager Glynn Taylor and fundraising regional manager Donna Woodman
Rebels holding much of the area surrounding Aleppo were targeted by regime shelling overnight in the city's Sakhur district and in the towns of Marea and zaz farther north near the Turkish border.
Zaz the stage name of the French singer Isabelle Geffroy, had a lithely swinging trio that often harked back to Hot Club jazz as it backed her tangy voice and playful scat-singing.
When Zaz gets up on stage, she brings a performance that will tug at the listener's hearts and emblazon itself in their minds for a lifetime.
Midrashic tradition says that when Judah spoke, even though he may not have realized it consciously, he persisted until he was able to speak to Joseph's heart: lo zaz Yehuda meishiv l'Yosef davar al davar ad she-amad al libo ["Judah did not cease from answering Joseph word for word until he penetrated his very heart"] (Midrash Genesis Rabbah 93.
AaKarim Zaz, Chief Executive Officer of Wana commented "We are extremely pleased to partner with Zain and Al Ajial in this new chapter of our business.