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ZFFree Balloon (US Navy)
ZFZero Frequency
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Self Research Institute on the center's Greenwood campus, will ultimately house 10,000 zebrafish that will be used to study genetic disorders, learn about the genes that underlie them and identify new ways to treat them, the release said.
"Zebrafish are interesting to us because they can regain full swimming ability after spinal-cord injury," says Catherina Becker, a professor in the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, in a university press release.
The ability to generate thousands of developmentally synchronized embryos per day represents a significant advantage of zebrafish over mammals for testing purposes (Westerfield, 2000; Adatto et al., 2011).
Several different groups have been working to validate zebrafish assays or harmonize zebrafish assay protocols for a number of purposes.
We have used two independent ahr2-mutant zebrafish lines (ahr2hu3335 and ahr2osu1) to demonstrate that ahr2 is required for the TCDD-induced increase in slincR expression (Garcia et al.
Due to the GO term enrichment of angiogenesis and vasculature-related processes in the slincR morphants, we performed a hemorrhaging screen on TCDD-exposed zebrafish at 48 hpf.
In the study, reported in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, the team simulated the real aquatic environment in a laboratory where contaminated artemia were fed to zebrafish for 47 days.
WT zebrafish are brightly colored, with longitudinal golden and blue stripes whose color intensity can be regulated during mating and shoaling behaviors through a process called physiological color change (Fujii, 2000; Snekser et al., 2006; Hutter et al., 2012).
(2015) reported that both methylmercury and inorganic mercury exposures to adult zebrafish via their diet (10 mg/gram) resulted in altered gene expression in skeletal muscle, while exposure to methylmercury was specific for morphological changes observed in muscle using electron microscopy.
Abamectin is a commonly used antiparasitic that showed differential susceptibility in zebrafish.
Based on these findings, Patton and his student Mahesh Rao hypothesized that GABA might be involved in the zebrafish retina's regeneration response.
Zebrafish orthologs for rodent proteins that mediate synaptic changes, such as LTP and LTD, have been identified.