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ZMZambia (according to ISO)
ZMZusammenfassende Meldung (German: Summary Report)
ZMZu Mir (German Command)
ZMZeitgeist Movement
ZMZombie Mode (gaming, Counter-Strike)
ZMZone Message
ZMZone Marker (VHF Station Location Marker)
ZMZettameter (10^21, one sextillion)
ZMZeptometer (10^-21, one sextillionth)
ZMZuhair Murad (Lebanese fashion designer)
ZMZware Metalen (Dutch: Heavy Metal; music website and forum)
ZMZone Mixte (French: Mixed Zone; athlete interview area)
ZMZolid Matters (website)
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In a prepared statement David said, “The Zeitgeist Movement is unstoppable because it makes sense.
8220;Anyone who thinks I am using The Zeitgeist Movement to promote my company would have it exactly backwards.
Founded in 2008 by artist and filmmaker Peter Joseph, The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) is a sustainability advocacy organization, which conducts community based activism and awareness actions through a network of global/regional chapters, project teams, annual events, media and charity work.
But to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, the Zeitgeist movement is entirely serious.
Members of the Zeitgeist movement, not surprisingly, reject any connection between the shooting and their ideology, even as some of them welcome the new attention that it has brought their ideas.
The Zeitgeist Movement is the activist arm of The Venus Project with over 450,000 members across the globe, proving to be the world's fastest-growing, grassroots movement for social change to cross all barriers of nations, governments, races, religions, or class.
The Illinois Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement holds regular weekly online meetings to discuss local activism efforts and other topics.