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ZENDZenaida Dove (bird species)
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Prime Minister Sharif Ismail decreed that Al Zend, who took the post nearly a year ago, is relieved of the portfolio, Egypt's state Middle East News Agency reported, citing a cabinet statement.
Zend Technologies is a leader in end-to-end web and mobile application development for the PHP web language.
Zend was founded by Zend CEO Andi Gutmans and CTO Zeev Suraski in 1999.
Two of the main products in Ateles' portfolio are Magento and Pimcore, two platforms built on the Zend Framework.
8 version features Rapid application prototyping and is achieved with the Zend_Tool component, additionally it also has components that support Amazon Web Services S3 and EC2, and the new release uses the Zend_Cache ZF component for Zend Server's caching API to dramatically improve the performance of your PHP applications.
Zend Accelerator can, it is claimed, make PHP dynamic web sites go up to five times faster without additional hardware.
The case is related to their publication of reports in 2014 claiming that Al Zend had sold state-owned land, allocated to the judges' Club, a judicial union he headed at the time, to a relative at prices lower than their market value.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 30, 2015-Franklin Square originates loan to support acquisition of Zend Technologies by Rogue Wave
Z-Ray, included within the developer-centric Zend Server 8, empowers developers to detect and fix issues earlier, collaborate with operations staff to quickly resolve production issues, and ultimately, deliver quality applications.
Nous ne sommes pas du parti d'Al Zend" (en reference au conseiller Ahmad Al Zend, president du Club des Magistrats) a scande la foule, affichant de meme sa position hostile a ce qu'elle a appele les "trublions" de l'elite.
com)-- Zend inc - the php company, has already announced the availability of zend framework 2, making it possible for developers to test and declare their skill in new areas by creating and using web-services with zf 2.