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The present work uses the ratio of measured irradiance to clear-sky irradiance at the same solar zenith angle, where both quantities are inferred from the sensor, so that systematic offsets in calibration tend to cancel.
To calculate horizontal extraterrestrial solar radiation [(ER).sub.h] for each hour, two geographical parameters must be calculated: solar declination "[delta]" and zenith angle [A.sub.z].
Furthermore, there is the effect of water vapour in the 8-14 ^m region that leads to increased cloudless sky temperature and thus underestimates cloud-base height with increasing zenith angle. In this context, Feister et al.
Caption: Diagrams of the variation of zenith angle.
Results of real life testing during one month (July) have shown mean error 1.3[degrees] in Azimuth angle calculations and 1.6[degrees] in Zenith angle calculation.
The distribution of viewing zenith angle versus relative azimuth and solar zenith angles is also quite diverse.
Hot spot is the peak in reflectance when the view zenith angle and the solar zenith angle coincide in the back-scattering region.
By comparing the sample measurements with a direct observation of the sky at the zenith angle, instead, could lead to an error in the emissivity estimation if radiometer sidelobes level is not negligible.