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In their manifesto they make a large number of pledges affecting the environment, from passing a Zero Carbon Britain Act to stimulating PS100bn private investment in low-carbon energy infrastructure.
Far from being carbon clueless it is the Liberal Democrats in government who are leading the way in the move towards a zero carbon Britain and who plan to continue doing so into the next Parliament.
The Zero Carbon Britain report has shown that it is possible to power the UK with 100% renewable energy and still keep the lights on.
None of this means I do not hold our target of zero carbon Britain to be sacred.
"We will continue to provide our outstanding educational courses, inform, inspire and enable solutions for sustainability, work on our ground breaking projects such as zero carbon Britain 2030 and be an important tourist attraction in Wales."
The 400-page, "Zero Carbon Britain 2030" report argued that Britain should take a lead in fighting climate change as one of the world's first nations to undergo industrialization.
Among the key proposals for a zero carbon Britain include establishing a fund to help developing countries adopt low-carbon technology.
Read their "Zero Carbon Britain" report, free online, explaining how we can transform our use of energy by 2030.
Chris was the shadow Environment secretary responsible for the first comprehensive plan for decarbonisation - Zero Carbon Britain.
In 1978, Cat produced the first-ever vision for a zero carbon Britain.
Today, Paul Allen from the Centre for Alternative Technology will speak on the body's recent Zero Carbon Britain report at a Friends of the Earth even at the Linskill Centre in North Shields titled "Living Well, Within our Means."