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ZDWZero Dispersion Wavelength (optical fiber)
ZDWZentrum Demographischer Wandel (German: Center for Demographic Change; Germany)
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FOPAs are mainly constructed using highly nonlinear fibers (HNLF) as gain medium and are able to operate at any wavelength, if the pump frequencies and HNLF properties such as zero dispersion wavelength (ZDWL) are chosen accordingly [8].
In this paper, we have designed an ultraflat dispersion PCF based on square-lattice geometry with the inner air-hole ring infiltrated with a liquid of certain refractive indices around the C-band of wavelength with the first zero dispersion wavelength (ZDW) around 1550 nm.
The red-shift ability of soliton will be cancelled by the spectral recoil from the amplified DW2, which acts on the soliton and compensates for the Raman frequency shift when the soliton approaches the second zero dispersion wavelength.
In this paper, a polarization maintaining PCF (PM-PCF) with two zero dispersion wavelengths is designed and fabricated in our laboratory.
The calculated group velocity dispersion curves for the fundamental mode of PM-PCF with two zero dispersion wavelengths along the fast axis of 769 nm and 929 nm and the slow axis of 794 nm and 887 nm are presented in Fig.
av] of 100 to 300 mW polarize along the slow axis, the low anomalous dispersion between two zero dispersion wavelengths can initiate the SPM for the spectral broadening.
In summary, the broadband blue-shifted and red-shifted DWs based on SSFS are efficiently generated in a PM-PCF with two zero dispersion wavelengths designed and fabricated in our laboratory.
If the pump wavelength lies in the anomalous-GVD (group velocity dispersion) range ([lambda] > zero dispersion wavelength of fibre), it is possible to determine the phase matching condition for FWM in OF by calculating the frequency shift [[OMEGA].