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ZHCZero Hours Contract
ZHCZandalarian Hero Charm (World of Warcraft gaming)
ZHCZatec Hop Company (est. 1991; Czech Republic)
ZHCZajdela Hepatoma Cell
ZHCZero-Length Header Compression
ZHCZajdela Hepatoma Culture (cells)
ZHCZ Company Hacking Crew (computer hackers)
ZHCZundertse Hockey Club (Netherlands)
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The fall in numbers on zero hours contracts is mostly among people who have been in their job for less than five years, suggesting the contract is becoming slightly less likely to be offered to new workers or that some workers have been able to swap to a contract with guaranteed hours.
Alys says: If you are under a zero hours contract, which does not guarantee any hours, your employer can't prohibit you from working elsewhere - any clause in your contract saying so cannot be legally enforced.
One of the notable changes is the introduction of a ban on exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts. There has already been significant media coverage of apparent abuse by some employers of such contracts.
More hard-working people held back by the scourge of zero hours contracts.
THERE have been recent comments in the media about the alleged use of zero hours contracts by Liverpool Council.
The CIPD's forthcoming summer 2013 Labour Market Outlook research reveals that out of an approximate one million UK workers thought to be on zero hours contracts, just 14% say they are not provided with adequate weekly hours of work.
WHAT people need to realise regarding McDonalds employees being on zero hours contracts is most have been offered permanent fixed hour contracts but choose to stay on zero hours as it is better for their situation.
THE number of people on zero hours contracts in Yorkshire and the Humber has risen by nearly a fifth in a year.
NEARLY two-thirds of Brits back banning zero hours contracts.
TUC boss Frances O'Grady said: "Bosses often argue that zero hours contracts offer flexibility, but in many industries they are just a way of employing staff on the cheap.