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Five years ago, five of SC Johnson's sites were zero manufacturing waste to landfill; today, 17 SC Johnson sites are zero manufacturing waste to landfill and 14 of those sites are zero waste to landfill.
We have initiated solutions to meet the Forum's high sustainability targets each year, but this year is particularly exciting as it is Marina Bay Sands' first-ever Zero Waste to Landfill event.
The six facilities at the Ford Rouge Center join 68 other Ford facilities around the world in going true zero waste to landfill.
The event also saw Unilever sign a MoU with the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) to exchange knowledge and expertise on zero waste to landfill techniques.
We believe that we can now claim to be one of a very small few, if not the only company in the UK that produces a finished product from recycled material with zero waste to landfill from the process.
Achieving zero waste to landfill sounds like an environmentalist's dream, but it is happening--not because the company found some magic solution to eliminating trash, but by helping processors implement a three-step program that requires a multi-faceted approach and accountability, Sweeney says.
Amber Services recycles about 85% of all general waste received at its site and next year the firm aims to achieve zero waste to landfill.
Dubai Municipality has a target of zero waste to landfill by 2030.
Customers that have successfully secured Zero Waste to Landfill status range from small pubs and shops, to colleges, shopping centres and factories.
com)-- Diamond Packaging today announced that it has achieved zero manufacturing waste to landfill status, an important milestone towards meeting its future goal of zero waste to landfill.
The eco and ethical programme has helped Marks & Spencer to become a carbon neutral company and to achieve zero waste to landfill and a reduction of 31% in energy use by its stores, offices and warehouses, along with a reduction of 60% in its store refrigerant gas carbon emissions.
The emirate of Sharjah is focusing heavily on recycling waste as it aims to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2015, in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr.