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ZVIZoomed Video Interface
ZVIZero-Valent Iron
ZVIZone of Visual Influence
ZVIZero Volt Ionizer
ZVIZbrojovka Vsetin-Indet (Czech firearm manufacturer)
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Nanoscale zero-valent iron particles (NZVI) were successfully immobilized in the PAA/PVDF film (PPN) for removal of Cr(VI).
Whitman, the New Jersey-based environmental, engineering and management firm, has received approval from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to proceed with a remediation project that is believed to be among the first full-scale projects ever to use nano-scale zero-valent iron for site remediation, a new technology pioneered by Whitman professionals.
Of these, nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) is currently the most widely used.
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However, few studies have been reported on the green synthesis of zero-valent iron nanoparticles using the biomass in nature.
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Techniques used to assist PS oxidation in the treatment of water and waste water include; thermal activation [8-10], photochemical activation [11-13], ferrous Ion activation [14, 15], chelated ferrous Ion activation [16], zero-valent iron activation [17, 18], mineral activation [19, 20], activated carbon/PS activation [21], [22, 23], microwave activation [24], and integrated activation [25, 26].
The topics include decontaminating water by solar irradiation, degrading perchlorate dissolved in water by a combined application of ion exchange resin and zero-valent iron nanoparticles, decontaminating commercial chlorpyrifos in water using the ultraviolet/hydrogen peroxide process, modified montmorillonite in photo-Fenton and adsorption processes, stabilized titania nanoparticles on clay minerals for air and water treatment, and the photodegradation of beta-blockers in water.
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The peaks at 2 of 35.8deg and 44.7deg show the existence of both iron oxide (FeO) and zero-valent iron ( ) crystalline phase.