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ZZCZero-Zero Conditions
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From 200 feet and higher, there is categorically and undeniably no difference between taking off in zero-zero conditions and doing a missed approach at 200 feet when the field is not in sight.
Our predicament found us 40 miles from mom, separated by a fog bank in zero-zero conditions. We asked, via our ASTAC, if mum would close our position and try to find better visibility for our recovery.
With regard to the article "Departure Difficulties" and the sidebar "Notable Departure Mishaps." the first Cessna 310 accident sounds a lot like the flight of the Tesla Motors execs who departed Palo Alto, Calif., in zero-zero conditions some two or three years ago and angered in shortly after takeoff.
BAE tests synthetic vision integrating video, infrared, radar images, and synthetic terrain from a database to give pilots a clear view in zero-zero conditions ...