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ZPCZionist Power Configuration (group influencing Middle East policy)
ZPCZero-Point (Energy) Corrections
ZPCZero Population Count (video game)
ZPCZionsville Presbyterian Church (Indianapolis, Indiana)
ZPCZero Point of Charge
ZPCZen Peacemaker Circle (various locations)
ZPCZemike Phase Contrast
ZPCZoning and Planning Committee (Minneapolis; MN)
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According to a press release issued on Saturday, Hasni said that prolonged closure of the Zero-Point by Iranian authorities was illogical as it 'is in violation of the mutual border agreement'.
For instance, the Zero-point Gate at Mashkel, just like other border points, has been deserted for several months and years.
Furthermore, these two facts are manifest in the [- or +] signs of the random motion of the bare charges that create, with the help of the zero-point field [E.sub.zp], the Dirac masses [m.sub.[+ or -]].
Zero-point energy, also called quantum vacuum zero-point energy, is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have; it is the energy of its ground state.
Yes, zero-point energy is real, as the Casimir effect and the Lamb shift bear out; but basic thermodynamics precludes extracting arbitrarily large "free energy" from the vacuum.
Quetta, July 19(ANI): Trade activities between Pakistan and Iran have been suspended after the latter closed the 'zero-point' in Taftan border because of the July 15 suicide attack in Zahedan.
The system eliminates the need to search for the bore, minimizing the risk of damage to high-precision zero-point bores and nipples.
I refer to studies about the power of prayer and meditation, the anthropoid principle, unified field research, and quantum indications of some of the traditional attributes of God, such as nonlocality (omnipresence) and zero-point energy (omnipotence).
The Unilock Universal Zero-Point clamping system provides accurate and repeatable set-ups of workholding fixtures for production run machining and grinding operations.
by Bashir Ahmad Nadeem on 11 May, 2014 - 16:52 KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): Pakistani security forces have allegedly started the construction of military installations at the Zero-Point along the Durand Line well inside southern Kandahar province, officials claimed on Sunday.
A century ago, in 1913, Albert Einstein named it the "zero-point field." Since then, Einstein's calculations on the energy-gorged nothingness of outer space have generated a new discipline in itself, a zero-point field of inquiry that can be depicted quite accurately as the "science of the inconceivable," which we can now celebrate 100 years after it was conceived.
CHAGAI, January 29, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Trade activities via Zero-Point trade gate of Pak-Iran border in border town of Taftan were kicked off once again on Saturday after a period of over six months.