ZIFAZimbabwe Football Association
ZIFAZachman Institute for Framework Advancement
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Qatar and Turkey are doing their best to unite the terrorists in order to prepare them to stop the Syrian army advances in the coming days and months," Zifa told FNA.
Zifa noted that both Ankara and Doha want to play a role in any upcoming negotiations between the Syrian government and the United Nations.
Senior ZIFA figures are alleged to have colluded with Perumal to manipulate these games on behalf of the Asian betting syndicate.
A previous probe by four ZIFA members, which referred matters to the Ebrahim panel, revealed Perumal often sat on the bench with the coach and shouted instructions to the team, on when to concede goals, which led to getting the fixed results, required for the Asian betting syndicate.
With the opening of the proverbial can of worms, ZIFA handed down 15 lifetime bans and four 10-year bans.
Questions, as to the depth and origins of the "Asiagate" scandal, deepened when Justice Ebrahim's final report stated "the likelihood is that the rot started before she (Rushwaya) was in any way involved with ZIFA.
With FIFA, at the time of filing this report, yet to endorse the ZIFA bans, they are free to continue with their careers for now.
Many of the players and officials banned accuse ZIFA of a witch-hunt, as they increased some of the recommended sentences by the Ebrahim panel.
Masomere paid $6,000 to lodge an appeal with the appeals committee set up by ZIFA, under the guidance of FIFA.
Cuthbert Dube, the incumbent ZIFA president, insists the sanctions imposed fit the severity of the offences committed.
Once Rasha's done with her Gulf project, she will swiftly move onto working on the Syrian drama titled "Raq El Habeeb" (Longing for the Lover), written by Fadi Zifa.