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ZFZend Framework
ZFZermelo-Fraenkel (set theory)
ZFZul'farrak (World of Warcraft game instance)
ZFZero Flag
ZFFree Balloon (US Navy)
ZFZero Frequency
ZFZimmer Frame
ZFZone of Fire
ZFZelda Forever (web site)
ZFZonal Filter
ZFZahnradfrabrik Friedrichshafen (German transmission type)
ZFZombie Forum
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When a Zimmer frame was used, walk distance was shorter but there was no significant change in oxygen desaturation.
It doesn't have to be a register office and a Zimmer frame.
Walking sticks, crutches, zimmer frames and wheelchairs are often thrown away or end up being sold in charity shops.
I'm now managing to walk just holding someone's hand instead of using a Zimmer frame.
However, when she asked for help a nurse allegedly told her to get her Zimmer frame and walk.
She limped in to Wharrier Street Primary school on a zimmer frame.
But the distressed pensioner, who used a Zimmer frame, was left injured and bleeding.
Julie King took her 79-year-old disabled mum Gretchen, who walks with the aid of a zimmer frame, to Edgerton Dental Clinic in New North Road, Edgerton, after she had been experiencing problems with her dentures.
She added: "I couldn't do another ten years - I'd be on a zimmer frame.
I have never given up and told the producers that I will be coming back for years, even at 65, hobbling in on a zimmer frame.
We have got a little zimmer frame and she will move her legs to walk but she forgets to move the zimmer frame so her legs will go underneath it.
The 79-year-old man, who walks with a Zimmer frame, blocked the entrance to his room at the Cranlea Residential Care Home in Kingston Park, Newcastle, at 8.