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ZNSZentrales Nervensystem (German: Central Nervous System)
ZNSZinc Sulphide
ZNSZomig Nasal Spray (AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP)
ZNSZip-n-Squeeze (liquid nutrition delivery products and company)
ZNSZenger News Service
ZNSZone Nationale de Sélection (French: national area of selection)
ZNSNon-Rigid Scouting Airship (US Navy)
ZNSZephyr Nassau Sunshine (ZNS Radio Bahamas)
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The cake, mainly containing zinc ferrite and zinc sulphide, and the secondary zinc materials are treated at 1,200-1,300 [degrees] C in Waelz kilns.
7 billion) will be used to convert the refinery at Skorpion Zinc in Rosh Pinah to refine zinc sulphide concentrates by the Vedanta Resources plc.
The new film is coated with zinc sulphide in VaccuPlast's Galileo coating chamber, which has a width capacity of 60"/1500 mm.
For example, the beehive structures seem to be associated with zinc sulphide deposits.
The recent work has defined a sub horizontal high grade copper supergene cap which overlies the copper and zinc sulphide lodes.
In the low pressure vessel between the furnaces zinc vapour formed by reaction between zinc sulphide and copper metal volatilises and is condensed to liquid zinc which is then tapped off and cast.
Lead sulphide, zinc sulphide and lead oxide concentrates will be produced at site and then transported to a smelter.