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ZIVZuger Industrie-Verband (Zuger Industry Association, Germany)
ZIVZone Industrielle Verticale (French: Vertical Industrial Zone)
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Ziv "denied the American allegations that his consulting company, Global CST, sold $150 million in arms to South Sudan, and presented officials with details of his firm's agricultural work in the African country," said the newspaper.
Ziv was paid through South Sudan's oil industry and is said to have "maintained the loyalty of senior Government of South Sudan officials through bribery and promises of security support", it added.
Ziv follows the birth of his seventh child Zeid in June 2018.
"ZIV has created a dynamic new website for Scraps that produces a stimulating user experience, expanding awareness and promoting action that enables progress within our communities in and around Kansas City."
Editors Ariel Alonso, Theophile Bigirumurame, Tomasz Burzykowski, Marc Buyse, Geert Molenberghs, Leacky Muchene, Nolen Joy Perualila, Ziv Shkedy, and Wim Van der Elst present readers with a collection of contributions intended to assist researchers and practitioners looking to study and apply methodology for surrogate endpoint and biomarker evaluation.
Ziv, "The rate-distortion function for source coding with side information at the decoder," IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol.
Ziv Israeli, Childline Service Manager in Birmingham, said: "People getting dressed up as 'creepy clowns' and frightening children should take a long hard look at themselves.
drupe Mobile was founded by Barak Witkowski and Assaf Ziv, who bring technological and managerial experience from companies like Modu Mobile, Broadcom Corp.
The Ziv Medical Centre, in Zefat, has treated 562 Syrians - civilians and soldiers.
Avantha Group Company CG has signed a new contract to provide ZIV protections for Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).
In Jalanart, Daniel Ziv paints a picture of life, love and music on the streets of Jakarta.
Occupied Jerusalem, SANA, The Israeli army on Saturday night transported a terrorist, who was severely wounded while fighting in Syria, to Ziv Hospital in Safad to receive medical treatment.