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ZLIBZip Compression Library
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After using a chosen prediction-based compression algorithm for encoding, to ensure all the data obtained by the previously mentioned modules is compressed it will be used a third-party powerful generic compression library, such as Zlib.
In the Deflate-compressed PNG file, one IDAT chunk contains data that is Deflate-compressed in the zlib format (see Table 7).
* Capacity to hide text or file, zlib compression of message, Drag & Drop
Besides using these type-specific encoding, users can also compress an ORCFile by general purpose codecs such as ZLIB, Snappy, and LZO [9] or others.
Los datos adquiridos se guardan en una memoria USB o SD en formato comprimido ZLib. El equipo cuenta con comunicacion Ethernet mediante la cual se puede realizar configuraciones al sistema pero tambien sirve como medio para la trasmision en tiempo real de los datos cuando se utiliza una red de radios digitales hasta llegar a la base de monitoreo sismico.
The experiments have been performed with the default compression algorithm snappy for Avro and Parquet format because snappy compression provides a slightly better query performance than zlib and gzip (Floratou et al.
Both cards support GZIP, ZLIB, LZS, and Deflate and have a low profile, PCI-Express[R] Gen-2 x8 form factor.
Known as Zopfli, the open-source algorithm is said to increase data transfer speeds and reduce web page load times, compressing content by up to 8 percent smaller than the zlib software library.
Adler-32 is a checksum function that is a part of the widely-used zlib compression library.
using open source Zlib and modified PPDM compression.
The original Google implementation chose zlib to compress the crawled HTML pages.