ZMIZakher Marine International (United Arab Emirates)
ZMIZentrum für Medien und Interaktivität (German: Center for Media and Interactivity)
ZMIZain Mobile Internet
ZMIZope Management Interface
ZMIZur Muhlen International (Denmark)
ZMIZhejiang Materials Industry International Co., Ltd. (China)
ZMIZ Media Institute
ZMIZamorak Magical Institute (gaming)
ZMIZhejiang Materials Industry (manufacturer; China)
ZMIZendegi Mosbat Iranian (NGO)
ZMIZion Ministerial Institute
ZMIZimmerman Marine Inc. (Cardinal, VA)
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An interesting quality of ZMI is the consistently large Canadian participation, this year making up over a fifth of the participants.
For example, in 1987, the empirical fraction reveals that 5.72% of the loans taken out by nonissuer firms ultimately defaulted, whereas the predicted probability of loan defaults according to the Hazard Zmi estimate is 5.4%.
To obtain data for approximation, the angular yaw and pitch fluctuations of the carriage were measured several times with a Zygo ZMI 2000 model heterodyne laser interferometer while the carriage was moving in different directions.
(353) See Biodex, 946 F.2d at 862-63 (citing ZMI Corp.
Quality Marine Services (QMS), a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi-based Zakher Marine International (ZMI) signed deals worth $350m at unspecified yards in China for four platform supply vessels (PSVs) and two accommodation jack-ups.
Prominent UAE-based poets mir zmi and a poet from Riyadh, Tahir Bilal, were the honorary guests.
SHUT DOWN Z ZMi M rror st s ory y Mirror's exclusive story yesterday
ZAKHER Marine International (ZMI) provides services to the marine and offshore oil and gas industry and is clearly focused on customer satisfaction and retention.
Electrical stimulation was provided by an electroacupuncture stimulator (Z-7023, ZMI Multichannel TENS, Taiwan) and applied at a frequency of 2 Hz and with a proper current intensity when the needles showed a slight twitch (maximum intensity < 9.8 mA).