ZoSAZone of Sweet Air (gaming)
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As Zosa Szajkowski commented, "The principle of every European committee was to facilitate the migration of refugees, but not to their own country.
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The graduates were four former mayors in Leyte namely Loreto Yu of Alang-Alang, Alden Avestruz of Barugo, Fe Renomeron of Burauen, and Manuel Sia-que of Dulag, Leyte; and the present mayors, Gemma Zosa of Sta.
It soon became apparent that this was not the first time Zosa Szajkowski had procured documents by questionable means.
Orville Clark Roa Zosa, 21, is newly graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in business management, minor in enterprise development.
Zosa Olenka De Sas Kropiwnicki is a senior lecturer in development studies at the University of Johannesburg.
July 27 celebrators: Cynthia Ugalde Tan, Penny Zosa, Mila Reyes, Kim delos Santos, Lily T.