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ZTZulu Time (GMT 0.00) (military designation for Greenwich Mean Time)
ZTZoo Tycoon (game)
ZTZero Tolerance
ZTZum Teil (German: partly, to some extent)
ZTZuidelijk Toneel (Dutch theater company)
ZTZone Time
ZTZion Train (band)
ZTZichy-Thyssen (Arabian horses)
ZTZen Tricksters (website)
ZTZero Tear (printers)
ZTZimmermann Telegram (war proposal)
ZTZebra Time
ZTTotal Available Effort
ZTZipper Tubing
ZTZydeco T (Atlanta, GA band)
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I would love to see Voyager 4's Time panel simultaneously show Local Mean Solar Time, Local Apparent Solar Time, Zone Time, Universal Time, and Local Mean Sidereal Time.
For many, a Twilight Zone time seems to have begun in late February, when, after more than a year of debate and political manoeuvre, declarations of intent and questionable bombardments, the Turkish army finally invaded Northern Iraq.
In one example, a seat frame requiring 8 welds and a weld time of 50 cm/min, the results are as follows: Model Air cut time Welding zone time Total time SSA2000 9.4 s 22.2 s 31.6 s EA1400N 12.7 s 23.1 s 35.8 s
Zone Time Duration Target (seconds) Temperature [degrees]C Pre-heat 60 to 90 100 to 120 Soak 60 to 90 155 to 175 Reflow 30 to 90 200 to 210 TABLE 2: Eutectic and lead-free temperatures.
"I have a scrap of paper in my desk here and written on it in pencil are the words "Sanglamore could not go at all, Stop On Red, Zone Time much better and Deploy."
Tariff of local telephone call Zone Time Tariff Period of (Rp/pulse) pulse (minute) Local 00.00 - 09.00 125 3 Outside 09.00 - 15.00 125 2 Large city 15.00 - 24.00 125 3 Local I: 00.00 - 09.00 125 3 Large city 09.00 - 15.00 125 2 0-20 km 15.00 - 24.00 125 3 Local II: 00.00 - 09.00 125 2 Large city 09.00 - 15.00 125 1.5 >20-30 km 15.00 - 24.00 125 2
The bottom line is -- despite going 1-for-11 on the power play under Colliton -- the Hawks are generating far more offensive zone time and doing a much better job of recovering pucks after shots fail to connect.
The chances have been there and so has the zone time.
Again the Wings started well, using their speed to gain offensive zone time. They had a 6-2 edge in shots after nine minutes, and that included killing a penalty for too many men.
specified by Bidder offer price includes the cost of electricity service includes the form of a zone time, pure electric-rate energy prices ( / kWh), which must include the cost of electricity purchases and sales, costs and domestic and international cross border capacity fee of balancing energy.
I think when you look at the zone time, you look at the shots on net, there's a lot there.''