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ZORZone of Responsibility
ZORZone of Recruitment (online gaming)
ZORZinc Oxide Resistor
ZORZone Of Reconnaissance
ZORZeroth-Order Resonance
ZORZubatkin Owner Representation, LLC (New York, NY)
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On December 3, 2017, six Tu-22M3 long-haul bombers that took off from an airfield in Russia delivered an airstrike on Daesh terrorists' targets in the southeast of province of Deir ez Zor," the ministry said.
In 1963, Mala won the Nigar Award for best singer for the film Ishq Par Zor Nahin.
But this time, they are getting help from Maghaweer Al Thawra Army (Commandos of the Revolution), another US-backed force, currently controlling the desert hills from Al Tanf to the countryside of Deir Al Zor.
ZOR Industries is a remanufacturer of automotive, heavy duty truck, agricultural and industrial turbochargers.
The blast occurred when the child brought a balllike shell at home and started playing with it, it exploded, killing head of the family Zor Mohammad and his two children, while two other children, Sadam and Saira sustained injuries and were taken to hospital.
In recent years, many attempts have been made to extend the bandwidth of ZOR antennas [20-22].
Recently, various solutions designed to enhance the ZOR antenna's bandwidth have been under investigation [17-20].
Loyalist forces have lost control of parts of the surrounding Deir Al Zor province, which borders Iraq's Sunni Muslim heartland as alliances between Assad's ruling elite and Sunni tribes have collapsed.
Gerec ve yontem: Klinigimizde 2001-2008 yillari arasinda ureter tais tanisiyla endoskopik ureter tasi tedavisi yapilan ve bu operasyon sirasinda zor olgu olarak degerlendirdimiz 117 hastanin geriye donuk kayitlari incelendi.
THE REALITY EFFECT: Krushna Patil was the winner of the women's special episode on the ongoing water-based adventure game show, Zor Ka Jhatka, which is hosted by Shah Rukh Khan.
6 billion Syrian pounds taking total number of projects in industrial city of Deir ez Zor up to 35 according to a report issued from the City s governorates.
The first agreement renews the Deir Ez Zor oil license, by extending the license for 10 years to 2021.