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ZGMT / UTC (logging abbreviation)
ZEffort (US DoD)
ZSpeed Rating (department of transportation maximum tire speed rating of 149+ MPH)
ZZoloft (anti-depressant)
ZAll Stop (bell log on a US Navy ship)
ZAtomic Number (number of protons in nucleus)
ZFlash (logging abbreviation)
ZFlash (Priority)
ZCorporation (IRB)
ZFootlocker (stock symbol)
ZZentner (German 50kg)
ZSet of Integers (math)
ZZulu Time
ZZetta- (prefix, 10^21 or sextillion)
ZCertain Amino Acids (glutamic acid, glutamine or a substance that yields glutamic acid on hydrolysis)
ZZygorhynchus (bacterium)
ZProton Number (physics)
ZSales in Full (newspaper stock table abbreviation)
ZLighter-Than-Air Vehicle (US Military aircraft type designation)
ZAdministrative Aircraft (US Navy)
ZRedshift Factor (determines how fast a cosmic object is moving away from Earth)
ZUltra Heavy Nuclei
ZUnit of Sleep
ZZylog, Incorporated
ZBenzyloxycarbonyl Compound
ZZuckung - Contraction
ZAnimalian Sex Chromosome (such as chickens and moths)
ZJet Terminal Area
ZAircraft Symbol Prefix – Planning
ZCenter of an algebraic group (mathematics)
ZDepth axis in Cartesian coordinate system
ZDiscrete-time complex variable (analogous to S in continuous-time; electrical engineering)
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At length, Alejandro proves that he is able to meet Don Diego's exacting standards, and he is deemed worthy of being the next Zorro. In fact, at this point, it is the student who reminds the teacher of his obligations to the people:
The Mask of Zorro is a sequel to The Mark of Zorro, a classic black-and- white swashbuckler which starred Tyrone Power.
Another alleged victim claimed in court that Epstein flew her younger sister to Zorro in 1996, telling their mother he would help the 15-year-old with her education.
El estudio de la dieta del zorro de paramo en Ecuador ha sido escaso y localizado (Trujillo & Trujillo 2007; Nieto & Santillan 2009; Albuja 2011; Ramos 2016); por lo que es importante incrementar el conocimiento al respecto.
Dashing swordsman Don Diego Vega, better known as Zorro, comes to life in Naxos' audiobook Zorro Rides Again, read from the original 1931 Johnston McCulley pulp novel.
Divergent from the past Zorro sequels, this franchise is poised to be a 'futuristic reboot' to suit the tastes of people in the present, according to reports.
Cossios sostiene en sus estudios que los motivos que pueden peligrar a la especie del zorro son, en un 70% la actitud de persecucion de los habitantes rurales y en un poco mas del 30% la de indiferencia, en conjunto con la presion agricola y urbana.
While Jake became a worldwide sensation after being born with an extra leg, Zorro has led a quieter life despite having a crescent-shaped half-black face.
For more information, or to meet Zorro in his foster home, call Beth at (541) 255-9296.
Summary: Last season's top scorer and new Nejmeh signing Lassina Zorro opened his account with a crucial brace Friday, as the defending champions came from a goal down to see off Shabab al-Sahel 3-1 in matchday four of the Lebanese Premier League.