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ADNAAdvocacy Network for Africa
ADNAAtlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association (Atlanta, GA)
ADNAAuburn District Nursing Association (est. 1919; Auburn, MA)
ADNAAbout Domain Name Appraisals
ADNAAustralian Domain Name Authority
ADNAAncient Deoxyribonucleic Acid
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Figure 3 shows the original recordings of typical burst ADNA in synchrony with PAP.
Independent replication of aDNA analyses is suggested to ensure the quality of data and conclusions (Cooper and Poinar 2000; Paabo et al.
aDNA hybridizations with MTC probes were conducted as described (4).
But, the aDNA degradation percentage depends on its preservation conditions and can vary even among museum specimens of the same age (4).
276 : << Entre la riviere du lin et Adna, il y a la riviere Sahur, la riviere des femmes, la riviere d'Abu Tawil et la riviere de la gazelle >>.
Estamos de acuerdo con la profesora Adna Rodriguez cuando dice:
ADNA test would settle the issue, but you can't get one unless your ex-lover or exhusband agree.
The diagnosis and severity of renal flare in the OSS population was based on prespecified changes in urine sediment, serum creatinine, and proteinuria (Table 1), and did not take into consideration complement or ADNA levels.
Called the Mauch Chunk Switchback Railway, it simulated a runaway train and was built in the mountains of Pennsylvania by La Marcus Adna Thomson--the father of the American roller coaster.
Through field maneuvers and analysis, the brigade leadership of the mechanized cavalry--which included Van Voorhis and later MG Adna Romanza Chaffee Jr.
The first is the study by Jostein Adna, which shows how the Targum translation of Isaiah presents the Servant as an intercessor for Israel (53:4, 11, 12), following the example of Moses (32:30-34), to the point of being willing to surrender his life.
Teresa Ramirez, Faculty of World Studies, Adna Middle/ High School Catherine Day, Faculty of English and Composition, Ellensburg High School Ann Marie DeCollibus, Faculty of Art, Ferndale High School [PowerPoint Presentation]