aRFIDActive Radio Frequency Identification
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Four of the aRFID sensors introduced today contain increased memory, enabling users to capture an unprecedented 256 kilobytes (kb) of operational data, double that of previous versions.
New versions of Savi's widely deployed aRFID readers deliver 100% faster performance than previous generation readers, improving the reliability of tracked asset information and increasing the speed at which shipments can move through facilities and routes.
The data on the ITV aRFID tag are not always updated with the new container content levels due to the time and effort involved in barcode scanning and manual recording.
In addition, PM J-AIT will offer site surveys, installation, integration, implementation, and training for turn-key aRFID solutions to the Department of Defense, Unites States Coast Guard, NATO, Federal Agencies, Coalition Partners, and other Foreign Military Sales.
The DOD's AIT Implementation Plan presently addresses one effort relating to pRFID and two that deal with aRFID.
IUID, pRFID, and aRFID were the most often used AIT media in this survey; XIO believes this is due, at least in part, to the following factors: