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AAHAachen (IATA airport/city code)
AAHAux Adultes Handicapés (French: Disabled Adults)
AAHAlameda Alliance for Health (Alameda, CA)
AAHAllocation aux Adultes Handicapés (French: Allowance for Disabled Adults; est. 1975)
AAHAssociation of Art Historians (est. 1974; UK)
AAHAcute Alcoholic Hepatatis (disease)
AAHAction Against Hunger
AAHAdopt-A-Highway (litter removal program, USA)
AAHArt and Architectural History (various schools)
AAHAquatic Animal Health (various organizations)
AAHAdministrateur Ad Hoc (French: Ad Hoc Administrator)
AAHAtypical Adenomatous Hyperplasia
AAHAdvanced Attack Helicopter
AAHAmericans Against Hate
AAHAloha Airlines (ICAO code)
AAHArt Association of Harrisburg (est. 1926; Harrisburg, PA)
AAHAfrican Americans for Humanism (Council for Secular Humanism)
AAHAustralian Auxiliary Hospital
AAHAustralian Academy of Humanities
AAHAssociation of Ancient Historians (Salt Lake City, UT)
AAHAtmospheric Aerosols and Health (University of California, Davis)
AAHApache Attack Helicopter
AAHAktion Afrika Hilfe (German NGO)
AAHAll-Around Helper (Lobotomy Corporation game)
AAHAsia Alliance Holdings (Japan)
AAHAct Against Homophobia (Faroe Islands)
AAHAssociation d'Aide à l'Humanitaire (French: Association for Humanitarian Assistance)
AAHAssociation of African Hydrologists
AAHAutomatic Attitude Hold
AAHAda Adoption Handbook
AAHAcademy on Architecture for Health
AAHAlliance for Alternatives in Healthcare
AAHAssociation pour l'Action Humanitaire (French)
AAHAutomated Alarm Handling
AAHAgriculture d'Autrefois dans le Hurepoix (French agricultural history group)
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For some patients with severe AAH, extensive removal of coarctation tissue required two or more pulmonary artery patches to reconstruct the tubular TAA structure and avoid annular anastomosis formation [Figure 1]b and [Figure 1]c.
Andrew Scaife, chief executive of Quantum Pharma Plc, said: "We are delighted to have signed this contract extension with AAH, a longterm partner with whom Quantum has built a strong relationship.
While Lloydspharmacy has an established high street presence AAH (Amalgamated Anthracite Holdings) is less well known, being largely involved with warehousing and distribution.
In June 2011, AAH and other Iran-backed militias conducted rocket attacks on US bases which resulted in the deaths of 13 American soldiers, making the month the worst for combat-related deaths for US forces in Iraq since 2008.
An excited avlooove then shot a crisp professional mail to Mr Aah Ooh.
Over the past five years, Congress has reduced power-chair pricing by more than 35%, reports AAH.
5cm x 5cm, an' wen Ah asked 'im aah much they'd cost 'e sed: `Two bob a foot
That's wine for people to drink, not for judges to ooh and aah over because they adore being bashed on the head by a mace of oak.
This study was undertaken to assess the relationship of AAH and VMGH both to each other and to nodular hyperplasia.
AAH said the move was prompted after discussions between the charity and North Korean authorities broke down over a proposed aid program designed to help the most deprived in the country.
That way, instead of listening to the pundits ooh and aah over Elizabeth Dole's ability to ape Jenny Jones, we might get to see the edifying spectacle of politicians from both parties explaining to a third-grader why she can't have dinner, shoes, or a place to live.
Gala organizers have set aside a minimum of one hundred $15 tickets for students, who, as usual, will cram the last rows in the theater to ooh and aah the stars.