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ABFTAmerican Board of Forensic Toxicology
ABFTAtlantic Bluefin Tuna
ABFTAlgorithm-Based Fault Tolerance
ABFTAmy Biehl Foundation Trust (South Africa)
ABFTAbaft (naval terminology)
ABFTAssociation of British Fire Trades (UK)
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In order to verified form obtained the in abaft the process of scan determined as this file is saved in the shape of cloud of points having the extension <points cloud> just as shown the in figure 4.
46) the wyche be bystowyd in the sayd scheppe, all afor the mast and lowyst abafte the mast, and yowre broder Rechard Celyys ys ^fellys^ be stowyd abaft the mast vpon myn (WM 130: 149) (16)
The sea flows past and the island astern recedes while the destination comes nearer and the reference island moves back beneath the navigating stars until it comes abeam, and then moves on abaft the beam.
Eight double cabins are abaft the messdeck, each designed with special berths for persons in wheelchairs and one other sleeping in the pipecot above.
Destroyer flotillas, positioned ahead of the van or abaft the rear of the main fleet, were to break through an enemy screen and attack the main body of the fleet to sink, cripple, or confuse as many capital ships as possible.