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ABANAirman, Aviation Boatswain's Mate Striker (Naval Rating)
ABANAaronic Business Angel Network Ltd.
ABANAssociation of British Alumni in Nepal
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In September last year Darley bought Reckless Abandon but he was leased back to race for his original owners Julie Deadman and Stephen Barrow.
abandon is used when someone has no interest in what happens to the person or thing he or she has given up.
The three new games titles - NBC Sports Speed Skating, NBC Sports Figure Skating and Bode Miller Alpine Racing - will be the first titles to be branded and supported by NBC following its recent agreement with Abandon.
A "liquidated damages clause addressing potential failure to complete or project abandonment by the contractor"--This requires that the owner's contract include language such as: "The contractor acknowledges that the owner will suffer damages if the contractor either (1) fails to complete the project within the specified time noted in the schedule, or (2) abandons the project or its work prior to substantial or final completion.
First Hosted Dialer with Integrated ACD delivers advanced call routing and call pacing to cut abandons
She said: "It's shocking that anyone could abandon any animal in this way, especially such young puppies.
Even much later, reformers' campaigns aimed as much to force married people (in places like Florence, Milan, and Palermo) to keep their children as to force the unmarried to abandon theirs.
Postauditing is the evaluation of independent assets or groups of assets on a regular basis to decide whether to keep or abandon them.
It was not the aesthetics of clearcutting but the appetite for high-quality timber that caused them to abandon clearcutting.
314 US 661, abandonment requires an intent to abandon the property coupled with an overt or identifiable act that manifests that intent.
Sometimes the owner of an asset decides to abandon his or her property.
John Dawes, Co-Chair of the PA AML Campaign, said, "While the election is over and some won't return next year, our Senators and members of Congress still have an obligation to not abandon Pennsylvania with the nation's largest legacy of damage from the coal industry.