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To analyze the results, T-test was used to compare two means, and analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to compare the measure of the epidermal papillae of the thoracic limb, pelvic limb, the coronary corium and laminar corium of the abaxial wall and sole at a 5 % significance level, according to Sampaio (2010).
This was done on the adaxial and abaxial leaf surfaces of the upper, middle, and basal parts of the canopy on branches facing north, south, east, and west.
petiole 7-23 mm long, smaller than the rachis; 1 extrafloral nectary, green-vinaceous, sessile, pyramidal, 1-3 mm long, located on the rachis, between the proximal pair of leaflets; rachis 13-15 mm long; leaflets discolorous, 2 pairs, semisucculent, adaxial surface pilose, abaxial surface tomentose, obovate to elliptic, 21-88 X 9-41 mm, apex rounded, base assimetric, venation penninervous, midrib excentric.
Las especies de Senecio seccion Mulgediifolii presentan tanto tricomas glandulares como no glandulares; ambos tipos de tricomas son multicelulares, uniseriados y estan presentes en ambas superficies foliares, aunque son mas abundantes en la superficie abaxial (Cuadro 2).
angustifolia leaves have a one-seriated epidermis in both the abaxial and adaxial sides, followed by three layered palisade parenchyma.
No entanto, o diametro polar desses estomatos na epiderme abaxial apresentou uma reducao, fator este importante para o tamanho da abertura do ostiolo, e que consequentemente, favorece uma menor perda de agua por transpiracao.
Frondes de 0,5-2 m, fasciculadas; peciolos con escamas de 1-2,2 cm, linear-lanceoladas a triangulares, clatradas, castano doradas, diminutamente denticuladas, apices filiformes, algo tortuosos; laminas 2-pinado-pinnatisectas a 3-pinado-pinnatifidas en la base, 35-60 cm; pinnas basales (12-)22-28(-52) cm, no equilaterales; pinnulas cortamente pecioluladas a sesiles, las pinnulas mayores de las pinnas basales de 9-11 cm; raquis y costas escasamente glandulares, densamente pubescentes y moderadamente escamosos tanto abaxial como adaxialmente, las glandulas ca.
Sin embargo, la superficie abaxial presento mayor numero de estomas (Fig.
Anatomical Analysis: In abaxial epidermis, the leaf epidermal cells were irregular shaped, smooth thick walled.
Stomatal index, stomatal density, and trichomes density were analyzed for adaxial and abaxial surfaces of each biotype.