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Rhizomes long, creeping, slender' fronds 5-18 cm long, deeply pinnatifid; blades oblong, 3-10 cm long, abaxial surface silvery brown with scales; sori round, marginal, naked.
A maior densidade de tricomas totais mm-2 foi observada na face abaxial (520,85 A) do que na adaxial (415,13 B), em folhas apicais (608,17 A), seguido pelas folhas medianas (460,00 B) do que nas folhas do terco basal (337,34 C), para todos os acessos nos dois cultivos.
Stomata are usually larger on the abaxial surface than adaxial surface in all the species and mean size varies from 13.
The best-preserved leafscars have a closed outer bundle with a deep indentation on the abaxial side, or are fully divided into two separate closed traces (Fig.
Epidermic abaxial cells presented straight anticlinal walls with unicellular trichomes curved at the apex.
05 Characteristics: RT = Rhizome type, LM = Laminar morphology, LT = Laminar thickness, HY = Hydathodes, IN = Indusium, LD = Laminar dissection, ADLS = Adaxial leaf scale and hair density, ABLS = Abaxial leaf scale and hair density, DV = Venation density, SD = Stomatal density.
Para a avaliacao dos tecidos foliares (espessura da nervura central, limbo foliar, epiderme adaxial e abaxial e dos parenquimas palicadico e esponjoso), foram realizados cortes transversais na regiao mediana das folhas obtidos em microtomo, clarificados em solucao de hipoclorito de sodio (1%) por 10 min.
The leaves typically are distichous and may be 3-25 cm long and 2-8 mm wide with a basally pilose adaxial surface and a glabrous to pubescent abaxial surface (Freckmann & Lelong 2003).
On examining the stomatal structure in shade net condition (Fig 3), both abaxial and adaxial epidermis had stomata.
scheuchzeri, 14 slide-mounted preparations of adaxial and abaxial cuticles (unpublished data, 1991) document the epidermis from different positions along the ultimate rachis.
Sterile leaves pinnate, leaflets pinnatifid (deeply lobed); tufts of hairs persistent on abaxial surface (underside) of pinnae (leaflets) near base; fertile leaves with pinnae monomorphic, all spore bearing.
The number of salt glands per unit leaf area was reported to be equivalent on the adaxial and abaxial leaf epidermis in Aeluropus littoralis (Gouan) Parl.