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ABBRAssociação Brasileira Beneficente de Reabilitação (Brazilian Beneficent Association for Rehabilitation)
ABBRAbies bracteata (Bristlecone fir)
ABBRAnnual Benefits Base Rate
ABBRAmerican Beauty & Barber Registry
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Today, with the internet and social media abuzz, it's the evolved world of the acronym more than the abbreviation that one has moved into.
I agree that medical information should be concisely delivered and the use of abbreviations and acronyms for common terminology should be acceptable.
Sis, Si's plural and possessive of the chemical abbreviation for silicon
However the discussion applies to the broader use of symbols and abbreviations in mathematics classrooms and in everyday life.
When Audre Hanneman used TDS as an abbreviation for Toronto Daily Star in 1975, she was not anticipating the 1985 publications of The Dangerous Summer or Dateline: Toronto.
We chose to use abbreviations in our point naming convention because of the limitations of existing HVAC control products.
Even though I fly a great deal throughout Florida, I don't know those airport abbreviations.
Maximum expected adjustable leg support height abbreviation [ELS.
The abbreviation AG stands for Aktiengesellschaft, meaning 'public company'.
A year after the death of the 9 month old, the Joint Commission issued a "do not use" abbreviation list and mandated institutions to develop a standardized list of abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols not to be used.
The most common abbreviation resulting in a medication error was the use of "qd" in place of "once daily," accounting for 43.
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