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Results: Ultrasound measurements of abdominal aortic aneurysm were both accurate and reproducible.
For the study, the team looked at 15,792 people over the age of 45 and found that one in 17 had a lifetime risk of an abdominal aortic, Medical Xpress reported.
Conclusion: The diagnosis of postoperative abdominal infection of patients with pancreatic carcinoma using CT is quick and efficient showing the pattern and distribution of collection and the gross reaction to the exciting infection.
She was diagnosed with twin intrauterine pregnancy of 6 weeks duration on abdominal ultrasonography.
Some strategies have been proposed and continued to evolve in an attempt to identify risk factors for acute abdominal pain.
He had huge anterior abdominal swelling that on examination was oedematous, non-emphysematous, tender and hot to touch.
When you begin feeling abdominal cramps and pain, try to determine what may have caused the discomfort.
Our goals were to document the incidence of abdominal trauma among patients presenting serially to the emergency room of Govt.
Abdominal pain in children can be caused by infections, food poisoning, allergy, and appendicitis.
Materials and Methods: All patients who came with blunt abdominal trauma underwent emergency ultrasound with FAST technique to detect free fluid/ collection in abdominal cavity as an indicator of intra-abdominal organ injury.
On further inquiry, the patient admitted to performing abdominal crunches as part of a new exercise programme for the elderly.