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Full-term abdominal pregnancy: a case report and review of the literature.
There have been increasing case reports of term abdominal pregnancies with live fetuses.
Such conditions may also reveal pain associated with abdominal injuries, sensitivity in the abdominal area, frequent urination with pain or greenish vomiting or profuse diarrhea, Dr.Chandi Ram informed.
Results: Ultrasound measurements of abdominal aortic aneurysm were both accurate and reproducible.
SAWH is very rare with limited case reports present in literature and poses a diagnostic challenge as their symptoms are nonspecific.[sup][1] The risk factors included older age, systemic anticoagulation, abdominal wall trauma, and diseases such as leukemia, hemophilia, hypertension, or arteriosclerosis.[sup][2],[3] In this case, we believe that the hematoma is secondary to the excessive contraction of muscle caused by standing up rapidly since no other physical trauma occurred or use of any anticoagulants during this time.
Conclusion: The diagnosis of postoperative abdominal infection of patients with pancreatic carcinoma using CT is quick and efficient showing the pattern and distribution of collection and the gross reaction to the exciting infection.
She was diagnosed with twin intrauterine pregnancy of 6 weeks duration on abdominal ultrasonography.
He had huge anterior abdominal swelling that on examination was oedematous, non-emphysematous, tender and hot to touch.
When you begin feeling abdominal cramps and pain, try to determine what may have caused the discomfort.
The patient was examined in her entirety and the expanding abdominal girth was noted by the theatre team.
At exploratory laparotomy, a mass of around 30 cm x 25 cm was present extending from anterolateral abdominal wall into the retroperitoneum with multiple feeding vessels present, without any solid organ adherence [Figure 2].