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ABSMAbominable Snowman
ABSMAmerican Board of Sleep Medicine
ABSMAgent-Based Simulation Model (mission training technology)
ABSMAnswer Back Service Message
ABSMAssociate of Birmingham School of Music (last awarded 1992)
ABSMAutoBid Sheet Metal
ABSMAcknowledge Broadcast from Static to Highly Mobile
ABSMAmity Business School Manesar (est. 1999; India)
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The use of "Abominable Snowman" began when Henry Newman, a longtime contributor to The Statesman in Calcutta, interviewed the porters of the Everest Reconnaissance expedition on their return to Darjeeling and mistranslated what they said, perhaps out of artistic licence.
Whether it is the abominable snowman, the 'Ranthus', the 'Yach' or the 'Ram Ram Chock', the older generation of Kashmiris still adore these characters of their grandmother stories.
Hosseini won the 'best read' award for his follow-up novel A Thousand Splendid Suns and Francesca Simon's 'Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman' won the best Children's Book of the Year.
Ben flies to a planet inhabited by snails, an underwater world filled with sea monkeys, alien-infested lands and the abominable snowman's wintery domain before chancing upon the perfect new home for his rascally friends.
When I clambered out, I must have looked like the abominable snowman!"
Defenders of the Abominable Snowman at least produce blurred photographs of giant footprints in the Himalayan snows but Mr.
A mob of animated scarecrows spoils a young girl's visit to her grandparents' farm in "The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight." Finally, a brother and sister learn what happens when you unfreeze a Yeti in sunny California in "The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena."
He's working with Emmett/ Furla Films on the big-budget "The Abominable Snowman," as well as a Jules Verne inspired megapic called "The Nautilus."
Because it reminds them of the fabled, hairy abominable snowman, researchers informally refer to the creature as the Yeti crab.--S.M.
He was conversant with the legends regarding this abominable snowman, as this creature was called.
News of the giant footprints quickly spread, and Bigfoot became the Northwest's answer to the Abominable Snowman. Wallace helped keep the pot boiling with further hoaxes, such as films, photos of people in gorilla suits and recordings of "Bigfoot sounds."
It's named the Abominable Snowman, after a famous fantasy creature.