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ABOAbonnement (German: Subscription)
ABOAccumulated Benefit Obligation (pension plan accounting)
ABOAccumulated Benefit Obligation
ABOAmerican Board of Ophthalmology
ABOAmerican Board of Opticianry (Springfield, VA)
ABOAmerican Board of Orthodontics
ABOAssociated Builders and Owners
ABOAmerican Board of Otolaryngology
ABOAssociation of British Orchestras
ABOAmsterdam Baroque Orchestra
ABOAlaska Bird Observatory
ABOAviators Breathing Oxygen
ABOArmy Budget Office
ABOAir Base Operability
ABOAmerican Board of Opticians
ABOAgents of Biological Origin
ABOAccelerated Bookbuilt Offering (investing)
ABOAutomated Box Office (American Multi-Cinema, Inc.)
ABOAdmin Base Objects (Microsoft IIS)
ABOAir-Breathing Organ (fish biology)
ABOAssociation des Bibliotechniciens de l'Ontario
ABOAntibodies Blood Group
ABOAtlanta Baroque Orchestra (Atlanta, Georgia)
ABOAdiabatic Born-Oppenheimer
ABOAnnular Beam Oscillator
ABOArbitration Out
ABOAirborne Order
ABOAdvanced Byte-Oriented
ABOAbsent Bed Occupancy
ABOAsociación Benedictina Olivetana Centro Educacional (Olivetana Benedictine Association Educational Center, Guatemala)
ABOAntibonding Bond Orbital
ABOAcross Border Operations
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All told, Guttmacher says it identified "49 physician's offices, 67 nonspecialized clinics, and three abortion clinics" that were offering only chemical abortions.
One needs to ask: Is there truly common ground on reducing the incidence of abortion if even moderate anti-abortion groups cannot step up to the plate and work for access to contraception?
To examine this issue, researchers used data from birth and abortion certificates obtained from the Texas Department of State Health Services to compare changes in rates of abortion and birth among minors before and after the law took effect.
Rather than trying to ban abortion outright, which most politicians acknowledge the American public does not support, they instead chip away at the right to choose, one restriction at a time.
On March 6, Kay points out, Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota signed into law a blanket abortion prohibition--the first such ban to be legislated since the American Supreme Court decided Roe v.
Euthanasia took center stage alongside abortion this year, pushed to the fore by the court-ordered dehydration killing of Terri Schindler Schiavo.
Michelman ended up in the abortion rights debate because she saw what unwanted births did to mothers and kids.
We think it's wrong that a 13-year-old girl can go in and get an abortion on her own, but a school nurse needs her parents' permission to give her an aspirin,'' said Maria Elena Kennedy of the Parents Right to Know Committee.
Most Latin American countries do permit legal abortion in case of rape or to save a woman's life.
aid if they even provide abortion counseling or referrals.
On the pro-life side, abortion is depicted as the epitome of several purported feminist evils: selfish and unwomanly careerism, the decline of motherly qualities, and the liberation of women from "natural distinctions" between the sexes.