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ABRAccredited Buyers Representative (real estate certification)
ABRAuditory Brainstem Response (audiology)
ABRAugust Burns Red (band)
ABRAmerican Board of Radiology
ABRAvailable Bit Rate
ABRArea Border Router (Sprint)
ABRAustralian Business Register
ABRAuditory Brain Stem Response
ABRAverage Bit Rate (sound encoding)
ABRAnaerobic Baffled Reactor
ABRAssociativity-Based Routing
ABRAngle Bracket (timber connector)
ABRAfrican Business Roundtable
ABRAutomatic Baud Rate (storage technique)
ABRAmerican Bicycle Racing (Kenosha, WI)
ABRAutomatic Budget Reallocation
ABRAberdeen, SD, USA - Aberdeen Regional Airport (Airport Code)
ABRArbres Binaires de Recherche (French: Binary Search Trees)
ABRAgreement for Boat Repair
ABRAcademic Bill of Rights
ABRAngiographic Binary Restenosis
ABRAbsolute Bed Rest
ABRAssociation of Battery Recyclers
ABRAcrylate-Butadiene Rubber
ABRAccomplishment Based Renewal (US NSF)
ABRAustralian Book of Reference (Australian Defence Force)
ABRAdult Breastfeeding Relationship
ABRAbortus-Bang Ring (test)
ABRAbove Base Rate
ABRAverage Broker Recommendation (Zacks investing reports)
ABRApplied Benefits Research
ABRAero-Ballistic Rocket
ABRAlex Brown Racing
ABRAirborne Relay
ABRAveraged Brainstem Response
ABRAccelerated Benefits Rider (life insurance)
ABRAnswer to Bid Ratio (telecommunications)
ABRAverage Bandwidth Requirement
ABRAdvanced Breeder Reactor
ABRAmphibian Boat Reconnaissance
ABRAttogen Biomedical Research
ABRAbdominal Bowel Resection
ABRAutonomous Boundary Router
ABRAdvanced Battery Research
ABRAdditional Billet Requirements
ABRArray Based Replication (storage technique)
ABRAutomatic Bandwidth Response (Digital Link)
ABRAgreement Boat Repair
ABRAs Built Reconciliation
ABRAverage Breath Rate
ABRAccrued Benefit Ratio
ABRAssociation of British Residents (Sri Lanka)
ABRAmerican Book Review (est. 1977; publication)
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Dickens Abridged is 90 minutes of pure laughter leaving you knowing a bit more about one of the classic writers of Engish literature.
90 Minutes For Gandhi: Abridged focuses more on the Indian part of Gandhi's life, though Sammy
Head of drama Kevin Mc-Cormick said: "There were five youngsters involved and it was a traditional version of Macbeth although obviously abridged because it's only 45 minutes long.
The UK-wide festival saw young people across the country form their own theatre companies to produce 40-minute abridged adaptations of Shakespeare's work.
Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama, read by the author, Random House Audio abridged CD, $25.
Harper Collins Distribution is to handle distribution of the abridged CDs, which will be available in libraries or for purchase at Mills & Boon stockists.
The final report of the comparison has been approved by the CCT, and an abridged version has been published in Metrologia magazine.
United Reporting filed suit in federal court, arguing that its First and Fourteenth Amendment rights had been unconstitutionally abridged.
Although considerably abridged, the full force of Bodin's argument (presented in four subdivided books) is barely diminished by the absence of a handful of chapters and the conducting polemic against German physician Johann Weyer.
THE Reduced Shakespeare Company is believed to have set a world record after its actors performed an abridged version of the playwright's works at more than 37,000ft.
Carbondale) presents an abridged edition of the first romance written by an Englishwomen, with modernized spelling and punctuation to make it accessible to general readers.