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AWOLAbsent Without Leave
AWOLA Work of Love (various organizations)
AWOLA Way of Life
AWOLAll Walks of Life
AWOLAmerican Way of Life
AWOLAbsent Without Official Leave
AWOLAlcohol Without Liquid
AWOLAway Without Leave
AWOLAustralian Way of Life
AWOLAbsence Without Official Leave
AWOLActing Workshop On-Line
AWOLAway Without Official Leave
AWOLAbsent Without Authorized Leave
AWOLAnother Way of Living
AWOLAbsent While On Line :-)
AWOLA World of Learning (educational program; various locations)
AWOLAt Work Oldies Listener
AWOLAutoWeek OnLine
AWOLArgumentative While On Lead
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A soldier who went absent without leave rather than serve a second tour in Afghanistan has been jailed for nine months.
Private Andre Treble, left, and Andrew Jones, both 22, who went absent without leave from Buckley Barracks, Wiltshire PICTURE: Wales News Service
Haan led them to two African Nations Cup qualifying wins but was accused of being absent without leave in December while he was in Vietnam watching over Cameroon's Olympic squad.
Two-thirds of all Confederate soldiers were absent without leave, but Jefferson Davis said the army was in better condition now than at any previous time, King notes in late December 1863.
Swift, 22, a former Eugene resident, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to being absent without leave and missing movement in a summary court martial at Fort Lewis, Wash.
After he failed to show up for work Monday morning Smith was listed as AWOL, or absent without leave, base spokesman Chris Ball said.
He spent years travelling the world as a navigating officer before joining the Spanish Foreign Legion, which landed him in prison when he went absent without leave.
They are absent without leave from the Lord Jesus Christ in the battle for the soul of our nation.
This process is something that affects everyone, not just Airmen who make poor choices or who go absent without leave.
Mejia, a former staff sergeant, served six months in Iraq and then was absent without leave for five months.
For one thing, the commander loses disciplinary control over contract employees; the penalty for breach of contract differs greatly from that for being absent without leave.
According to the commanding office, troubles involving its crew members continued as some were involved in crimes such as robbery while others went absent without leave.